Business Partner wanted for Independent film/tv com pany - (Las Vegas)

Posted on: 11/26/17


I am RWESTKO Productions an independent film/tv film maker in the USA. I need a business partner who knows the film and tv industry. I have one movie/tv series project in the hands of a producer to be shot in KY & TN but I need a business partner who has connections and has experience. I am the creative part; I write, design characters in 3D, direct, do special FX make up ect. I have several more concepts I want to do but I have no experience with the business part of this industry. I also have contacts who have been in the Walking Dead, Nashville ect. I have been working on starting this company but I need a partner who can help me become an LLC, find funding for projects and knows the business end because this industry runs on money and anything can be produced if you have the money to do it. I can offer 30% of the company, merchandising and all of the other elements of this business. Once this main project is going (The producer is in talks now) we will be doing a tv series. My ultimate goal is to buy an empty warehouse and turn it into a film studio. This is non paying for now but we all get payed when the projects make money. Tell me what you can bring to the table! Let's do some real work! Email for details and we can talk about it. I am in Fulton KY for now but will be closer to Nashville once we get started. I prefer someone withing driving distance, 2-4 hours, or someone who can fly to and from.

Ad Number: 20944426