Multi-State CCW Training Sportsman s Warehouse Centennial - 1/13 / Tactical West - (Las Vegas)

Posted on: 12/13/17


Take and pass our full day of training and you can apply for a NV, FL and AZ CCW permit. Legally carry concealed in up to 37 states. $100 + $20 range fee Call and reserve your seat today TACTICAL WEST NV/UT/FL/AZ CONCEALED CARRY FIREARMS (CCW) CLASSES PRE-CCW TRAINING NSSF PROJECT CHILDSAFE & FIRST SHOTS SEMINARS NRA ADULT/YOUTH FIREARMS/SAFETY CLASSES WILDLIFE HUNTING TECHNIQUE CLASSES NEVADA DEPT OF WILDLIFE HUNTER ED CLASSES PERSONAL PROTECTION * WE ADAPT TO YOUR NEEDS *GROUP & PRIVATE CLASSES* * Instagram = tacticalwestlv 702.866.0078 *

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